Quick SEO Tips

Here is a list of tips to quickly perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Include meta-tags for description and keywords 
    • <meta name="keywords" CONTENT="list, of, keywords">
      <meta name="description" CONTENT="Small Description of site"> 
  2. Always have Unique Content 

    • search engine results page (SERP) omit duplicate pages therefore unique pages provide extensive details to crawl. In case of duplicate content  Use the link rel="canoncial" element to help avoid this problem.

  3. Increase the usability of site
    •  When searchers navigate to your site and immediately return to search engine results pages, Google makes a note that your site might not be the best choice for that search term.
  4. Descriptive titles for link
    • <a href="http://example.com/title" title="Descriptive Title">Name of link </a> 
  5. Alternate name for images
    • <img src="http://example.com/proper_name_of_image_with_underscore-spaces" 
      title="Descriptive Title" alt=" alternate Descriptive Title"/> 
  6. Include H1 and H2 HTML tags wherever necessary
  7. Use h1 title of the page in title tag of HTML
  8. Sort category structure by popularity
  9. Implement Auto-Suggestions to help user search for relevant keywords
  10. Do not include data in iframes
  11. Include Site-map on site in accordance to sitemaps.org
  12. Implement HTML schema from schema.org for pages like 
  13. Finally Go to webmaster.google.com and verify you site content and stuff like crawl errors, HTML improvements, sitemap, structured data


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