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Complete guide for acceptable CSS in email.

Initially I had a basic idea if inline CSS in email HTML but I had no clue that different Email Clients pefer different Email CSS. Therefore I needed a guide to implement correct CSS for my newsletter after few click research I found site for complete CSS guide. Below are the download links for complete guide for famous Email Clients:



Horizontal Expand/Collapse DIV

Suppose you have too much different category stuff on main webpage but not enough space to display and you want it horizonally,  liteAccordion is the solution.
liteAccordion is developed by Nikki Hibbert and based on Jquery script DOWNLOAD

Install MediaWiki Extension PDF Export with HTMLDoc

Mediawiki support download as PDF option with use of an extension PDF Export. This post shows step-wise process to install HTMLDoc to your mediawiki. the following example is done on Ubuntu.

Install HTMLDoc in ubuntu sudo apt-get install htmldocDownload PHP Export sudo apt-get install git cd /var/www/ git clone Edit Localsettings.php in /var/www/ and addrequire_once("$IP/extensions/PdfExport/PdfExport.php"); #$wgPdfExportHtmlDocPath = '/usr/local/bin/htmldoc'; This path may change according to system $wgPdfExportHtmlDocPath = '/usr/bin/htmldoc'; Note: to know your bin path in linux type 'echo $PATH'. First three steps complete PDF Export installation process. If you test any article in your mediawiki, it will show Print as PDF option. But If you open  PDF, the title of the page will be with underscore instead of spaces and font will be d…

How to change title tag format in Blogger?

By default, Blogger syntax for any Post is {blog_name} : {Post_Name}.  This configuration affects Google Search Results. So to reconfigure Blog with only Post Title, follow the following steps:

Go to {your_blog} > Template > Edit HTMLFind the title Tag <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>Replace it with following code <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'> <title><data:blog.title/></title> <b:else/> <title><data:blog.pageName/></title> </b:if>Use preview to check if there are any errors and SAVE.

How to setup Gmail account in OpenCart?

As known free Google apps is now closed. However paid and existing free google apps account can configure their mail setting  in OpenCart. This feature is very useful for sending email confirmation of orders to customers.

So here are the Steps

Log into your OpenCart DashboardGo toSystem > SettingsSelect your Store Name by checking the box next to it and select "Edit" in the far rightClick on theMail tabEnter the following configuration.SMTP Host:SMTP Username:SMTP Password:SMTP Port:Click Save to update your configuration.Further in Gmail You Can Configure a filter of Enquiry Label in Settings > filter > Create new filter With FROM as and SUBJECT as Enquiry * . Similarly you can perform same action for orders. (note: * is important)