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Create a Resizable and Movable DIV with DynDiv

DynDiv is a single javascript file that can be used to resize and move a div box. The script is developed by  Markus Bordihn and released the MIT and GPL  licenses. 

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Features: One JavaScript to rule them all ;)Support moving, resize, minimize and maximize the DivCPU friendly Event Handling (need only CPU power when a DIV is moving or resizeing)Drop Area Support with different Drop Modes (e.g: Puzzle)Restricted Areas, the movements and re sizing can be restricted to the browser window or to a special areaCrossbrowser compatible (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome)Hide resize Buttons on requestEasy Implementation over css class namesSave and Load Position or Size of the dynDIVsPosibility to keep aspect RatioSimple small API to used this JavaScript in other ScriptsEasy Dynamic Divs for everyoneof course W3C conformand also JSLint checked (Source Code only) The Code i…

Performance Maintainer Video

A nice tutorial by flyfoxtwo on Youtube.

Solve connection error on Ubuntu Server on VMware Workstation

Virtualization has been a necessity for quick deployment of server. However there is a drawback of connection in case like VMware Workstation 7.0 where ubuntu server loose internet connection due to failure of  VMware NAT Service. A restart for NAT service is required to bring everything in working order. I don't exactly why vmnat.exe stop working but this error causes severe loss to server based on vmware so to resolve this problem I have made custom batch script. You can schedule task it as per your severity. For my preference I shall schedule it for every 5 minutes.

@setlocal enableextensions enabledelayedexpansion @echo off set ipaddr={YOUR VMWARE LOCAL IP} Eg. set oldstate=neither :loop set state=up ping -n 1 !ipaddr! >nul: 2>nul: if not !errorlevel!==0 ( set state=down taskkill /im vmnat.exe /T /F net start "VMWare NAT Service" ) if not !state!==!oldstate! ( echo.Link is !state! set oldstate=!state! exit /B ) ping -n 2 &…