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Man of Steel Concept of fast evolution of Kal-El to Superman

Omg Omg I am really amazed with the kind of concept they have implemented to justify the existence of superman abilities. When he came to earth he didn't had all his powers. He developed his powers on earth by evolution mechanism enhanced by millions of kryptonian genomes within his cells. I am a student of biology so I understand DNA stuff better than others. So here is what I think.

Superman Powers Distribution Human DNA is has just 5% coding region in present evolution. So as kryptonians are more evolved they might have very less percentage of coding DNA. Now the codex was inserted in Kal-El DNA by Jor-El in such pattern which have specifically targeted the cells of body as per function. For Example DNA of Kryptonian organisms with greater strength were embedded in Kal-El muscles. Organism with great senses were inserted accordingly. Eagle type creatures eye's DNA was placed in Kal-El's eyes. Similarly Bloodhound type creatures olfactory cells DNA in Kal-El nose and so…

InnerText and textConent usage in javascript

Now there major browsers always have some stuff different to make life of web developer horrible. On XP with latest IE, InnerText and textConent both work on chrome. Only textConent works Firefox whereas only InnerText works on Internet Explorer. So here is a con to make them work on all browsers.
if(document.all){ document.getElementById('element').innerText = "my text"; } else{ document.getElementById('element').textContent = "my text"; } I haven't tested it on safari but I hope it work for all of you.

How to install Apache2 Subversion and WebSVN on Ubuntu

Default Configuration file for OpenOffice.

Recently I posted an answer about Default Configuration file for OpenOffice on superuser. So this blog might help further more.
The default configutration/modification file is located at %APPDATA%\\3\user\registrymodifications.xcu The file is in XML format and is written in one line, therefore difficult to read. Search for <item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Writer/DefaultFont"> And you can find the default font value for OpenOffice Writer Same way it works for Draw, Calc, Base, Math, Impress. If you misconfigure theregistrymodificaitons.xcu file, It can prevent OOo from starting up; just remove the file in such a situation.